Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Music Anthology Update!

Hi all,

Just so you don't think this idea has evaporated, I thought I'd give you all an update. I'm talking to more bands about getting involved with this project for PJCC members who haven't hooked up with musicians yet, I'm contacted venues about hosting a launch gig and simultaneous gallery show, and I'm quite fond of the idea of making the format of the anthology 7" single size, or at least a square so we can make it look like a record!

If you're feeling lazy about this, just look at this list of confirmed participants to make you feel terrible about yourself!

Gary Bainbridge - Dogtanion
Simon Cavanagh (?) – The May Day Projects
Mike Duckett - The Casual Terrorist
Chris Fairless - Ragged Army
Jack Fallows - O'Messy Life
Chris Hately - Odd Shaped Head (?)
Leo Hunt - Brilliant Mind (TBC)
Ian Mayor - The Stillwells (?)
Leonie O’Moore - Glen Charleston
Paul Thompson – Mister Fusty
Andrew Waugh - Winona Forever
Terry Wiley - ?

FAVOUR: Could these participants please expand on the information I've pieced together here and correct any mistakes I might have made please?

FAVOUR 2: Could anyone not on this list who does have a band please post your name and the name of your chosen band as a comment on this post so I can add you?

I should have some answers from people and places before the week is out so updates very soon!



L said...

Hey Jack it's Leo, just to say I've got a band called 'Brilliant Mind' who I think are interested, I'll let you know when I finalise stuff with them.

Paper Jam Comics Collective said...

Nice work, I think I saw them the other night at the O'Messy Life EP launch - unless they were the headliners, who I missed. Female vocalist? Spacey guitars? Let me know when it's final!


Michael Duckett said...

Hi, I am doing one now for 'the casual terrorist', song called 'another human being.

big love.