Friday, July 15, 2011

Alcohol...And That

The Paper Jam Comics Collective hasn’t done an anthology in a while.
People have all kinds of exciting projects of their own going on, but
we all forgot to keep it real and bust out some team awesomeness in a
new ...And That. So, to remedy that, we’re going to ruddy do one!

Having done: miscellaneous, Halloween, ‘You will have to wait’,
Robots, children’s comics, Art and History, what’s next? Well, after
some discussion, the consensus has fallen on ‘Alcohol’. The fact that
the decision was made in a pub had nothing to do with this.

So submissions are open! Usual criteria apply: it’s open to anyone
who’s a Paper Jammer (i.e. been to a few meetings at some point), you
can do one or two pages, and team ups are allowed and encouraged (in
which case you can combine page allocations if you want to do
something a bit longer).

We’re looking to go a bit old-school on this one after the large
format extravaganzas we’ve had recently, so it’ll be A5 black and
(well, greyscale), with the cover either b&w too or maybe colour
depending on how the Collective finances are looking. Remember to leave about a centimetre of white space around the edge of your page so nothing gets cropped off!

Content: it would be quite a nice linking factor if everyone’s stories
could be based on a particular type of alcoholic beverage, so aim for
that (but don’t worry too much about it, or what anyone else is doing,
we could easily have ‘Gin’ and ‘More Gin’ for example!) Interpret the
theme however you like, keep it vaguely clean (usual Paper Jam tone: a
bit of rudeness is permissible but nothing too extreme), and come up
with something great.

Timescale: The official "sharing ideas/drawings" meeting will be Thursday 18th August, 6:30pm onwards at Travelling Man (free entry, 18+ only), and the deadline for all submissions will be the following meeting, Thursday 1st September, same spiel. You can either bring in your hard copies (no bigger than A3 per side, and nothing weirdly shaped - i.e. stick to "A-Sizes" like A5, A4 etc.) or you can e-mail your submission, preferably as a .png or .pdf file of no greater than 300dpi, to

Anyone with brilliant ideas about format or covers and suchlike, tell
everyone at the next meeting or in the blog comments below.