Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bad Decisions ...And That

The Paper Jam Comics Collective are proud to present their fifteenth anthology, Bad Decision ...And That!

A bumper collection of bad-decision-themed comics from: Anton Brand, K. Ben Clarke, Brittany Coxon, Jennifer Coxon, M. Duckett, Daniel Fitzgerald, Steven Flanagan, Michael Gonson, Dave Green, Brett Halliwell, Noah McKenzie, Janis Meißner, Gemma Moody, Eltje Müller-Stewart, Oscillating Brow, Paul Thompson, and Terry Wiley.

Job applications! Pheromones! Fish dirigible carnage! Unwise tattoos! Pop music! Existential angst! Cats! All this and more is explored within these highly (ehhh, maybe) insightful pages.

This kind of foolery:

We can't guarantee that after reading it, you'll be making good decision, but we feel you'll at least be slightly more knowledgeable about many and varied bad ones.

We're making the good decision to launch this beauty at the lovely Tyne Bank Brewery art/vinyl/comics market on Saturday (21st October) from noon.

As well as the new comic, we'll have our other comics anthologies (themed around food, history, making stuff, Newcastle and adventure), plus art and comics from creators including Britt Coxon (paper cut art geometric shape kits and mini-comic bundles), Jennifer Coxon (custom art masks), Eltje Müller-Stewart (expressionist Geordie kitchen sink adventures of the irrepressible Johnathan and his pyromaniacal best mate Declan) , Oscillating Brow (a bunch of tiny daft comics about cake, heartbreak, dance-offs, etc), Paul Thompson (monster-themed art book Invisible Beasts, fantasy noir comics), The Analogue Press (music-themed comics anthology Radio On), Gemma Moody (supervillain romance comics) AND we'll be running a bunch of drawing games for everyone to get involved with - PREPARE TO COMIC JAM!

This kind of quality stuff will be available:


It's going to be mint, get along!