The Paper Jam Comics Collective is proud to provide a platform for local talent to exhibit their comic book work, whether they're experienced creators or completely new to the medium (so get involved!). As an extension of our 'everyone welcome' approach to life, the anthologies generally only follow two core editorial rules:

1) The work must be linked to the theme, however loosely or rigidly this may be.
2) Nothing deliberately hateful or vindictive.

Here's the complete list of our published anthologies from oldest to newest. We've posted several online for you to read RIGHT NOW - links, when available, in the descriptions, and listed at the bottom of this page.

...And That
The idea to start making anthologies came about fairly quickly, when, after running the meetings for only 4 months, we realised how many creative types we had in our midst. So we each chipped in a few quid and printed the first ever 'And That', simply entitled 'And That', to give away on Free Comic Book Day. It was a great rush, and featured some fantastic work, but the lack of theme meant it wasn't as cohesive as we'd have liked. Here (in chronological order) is what we've come up with since then.

Halloween... And That
Another great little anthology. What it lacked in shelf-life it made up for in quality. This is where Jack came up with the Gentleman Ghost character. We also experimented with a colour wrap-around banner - ooo, er!

24 Minutes... And That
We spent a whole Paper Jam meeting creating 24 Minute comics (read more about that here). Then we took the funniest, crudest and most profound from the pile and chucked them together in a lovely, nasty little rag.

You Will Have To Wait... And That
A truly experimental phase for the collective. Members brought random objects to one of the meetings, and used these objects as a stimulus to base a story around. One such object was a magic eightball, where the anthology found its title.

Robots... And That
At the time, by far the biggest and most successful of the anthologies, this square-shaped beheamoth was chock full of great takes on the sci-fi theme. It was also coupled with a mega launch at the Star & Shadow cinema, where cakes were eaten, beers were drank, films watched, bands heard and comics read.

Space Monkey... And That
The collective started to notice that their presence at fairs, conventions and festivals tended to attract younger readers, and subsequently, that we had nothing for them to read! So we put together this kids anthology that adults should totally read as well, on account of all the awesome.

Read Space Monkey... And That.

Art... And That
It's bizarre that it took us so long to get around to this theme, but it coincided really well with a gallery show at the DLI in Durham and a subsequent event at Empty Shop, who kindly funded the project, so we're not complaining. Equal parts high-brow observations and general silliness.

Read Art... And That.

History... And That
The idea was simple - we each chose a period in history to document, comment on, or base a story around, then collected them in chronological order in a big tasty book. We had a swell launch at Made In Newcastle with photography, prints and comic stuff all over the walls and stalls.

Read History... And That.

Alcohol... And That
Booze has had a strong presence since the humble beginnings of the collective, so we did our best to say thank you for all of the support, inspiration and guidance it has given us over the years.

Read Alcohol... And That.

Newcastle... And That
After seven years of awesomeness, this anthology was something of a love/hate letter to the city that brought us all together; it was launched in collaboration with The Holy Biscuit gallery's 'Urban Fictions' exhibition as part of the 2014 Late Shows.

Read Newcastle... And That.

Food... And That
Comics about food, what's not to like? This anthology explores the joys and horrors that come from being a human - or occasionally other animal - that consumes food. What we like, what we dislike and what we're surprisingly indifferent about.

Happy... And That
Having already established a general interest in food, alcohol, Newcastle, history, art, robots, Halloween, space monkeys, etcetera, this lo-fi comic is about other things that make us happy and the experience of being fans of things, demonstrating that, occasionally, we can be a surprisingly positive bunch.

Read Happy... And That.

Making... And That
The PJCC is all about making things... well, pretty specifically comics, but occasionally non-comic things too, and that's what's this anthology is about - from D&D characters to jam to space stations, it's all in here. It was launched at Maker Faire 2016.

Amazing Adventure Comics Machine... And That
Our first comic to appear in full colour and our second to be aimed at kids. A journey through time, space, and the comics medium itself, playing around with the theme of 'adventure'. Launched at Canny Comic Con 2017.

Bad Decisions... And That
A wide variety of idiocy, foolishness, poor-planning and regret. So, y'know, business as usual. Launched autumn 2017.

Weird Romance... And That
Aliens, insects, cacti and even various humans, trying (and often failing) to find love. Our first anthology where we tried deciding on a cover image first, then using that as the theme. Launched spring 2018.

Super Spooky Scary Stories ...And That
Tales of spookiness and mild terror! One of our more elaborate themes - an all-ages(ish) horror/spooky tone, with classic 'hosts' (in the style of Tales From The Crypt etc) introducing the stories and providing a framing story. Monsters, creepiness, existential dread abound. Launched October 2018.

Many of the anthologies have fallen out of print, but we'll publish those we can online:
Pretty cool right? Fancy getting involved? Take a look at our Anthology Submissions guide.

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