Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tyne Bank Brewery market shindig

You know what goes great together? COMICS and BEER. This is a proven fact.

On Saturday 16th September we'll be around at Tyne Bank Brewery. They make beer, we make comics. I mean, to be honest, they're a bit more professional about making beer than we are about making comics, but it still feels an excellent combination. Their brewery tap (just on the outskirts of Ouseburn) is a lovely space (with great beverages, obviously), so why not come and check it out.

As well as hawking a load of splendid comics, we'll be running drawing games and just generally chatting on to folks (mostly touting our very-nearly-complete-and-super-excellent new anthology Bad Decisions ...And That, out soon).

And you know what else goes well with COMICS and BEER? MUSIC, ART, and FOOD! That's all covered too! There'll be a Long Play CafĂ© vinyl sale and DJ sets, Mushroom Works and Nowt Special artists, and filthy burger specialists Fat Hippo.

All grand stuff - get it in your diary.

Ooh, also, our Amazing Adventure Comics Machine ...And That anthology was recently reviewed by Andy Oliver over at Broken Frontier - "a welcome reminder of the grassroots community spirit of the small press" YEAH! THAT'S HOW WE ROLL!