Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Robots... And That on That Facebook

Have gotten round to spamming every poor bastard on my Facebook that I think might want to come along to the launch. Why don't you do the same? By my calculations, if we all invite 10 people, then some people will attend! Think about it...

Here's some links:
for the Paper Jam Comics Group
for the launch event.

Now, I'm no good at this normally, so those links probably haven't worked. Just getting my excuses in first.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Right then,

The launch event for the 5th Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology Robots... And That will be hosted at the fabulous Star & Shadow Cinema in Newcastle, and festivities will commence at 7:30pm. Watch this space for updates on a possible all-day faire too. It will cost the general public £3 if they're a member of the cinema, or an extra £1 membership fee if not. There will be live music, films on show, comic stalls, cakes, sweets and of course the fabled item for everyone's enjoyment. The date to put into your calendar is: 29th May. Tell everyone you know, we're a little further afield this time, so good promo will be essential! But rest assured, this will be our best anthology, and indeed best launch event yet.

That's how for now.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Antho Submissions

So far we've had FOUR submissions for Robots... And That, courtesy of Kwan Li, Regan Von Doom & Gavin Wins! (of The Stillwells), Martin Newman and Dennis Reinmueller (who produced the marvelous strip below). It's good to see new contributors, and it sounds like there are some amazing works in progress, so keep on truckin'.