Thursday, June 17, 2010

Art...And That - Deadline Reminder!

Art...And That is coming together nicely - we have a cover now, courtesy of Mr. Gary Bainbridge.  And isn't it gorgeous?  Thanks Gary!  If you want in on the project, you've got but 10 hours left to e-mail your submission to Andy . Less if you want to submit a hard copy at the next meeting (6.30pm tonight).

To give you a flavour of the competition, here is a little sampler of some of the submissions thus far...

(l-r: Jack Fallows, Lindsay Roberts, Dennis J Reinmüller, Terry Wiley, Andy Waugh and Brittany Coxon)

As has been the case with the last two anthologies, the quality of work on show has gone from strength to strength.  Well done to everyone who has already submitted, and to those still working on theirs - consider this a challenge!

The official launch for Art...And That will be at the DLI gallery in Durham on Friday 23 July at 6pm.  I'll post the official invite flyer when it is made available to me.


Britt Coxon said...

The cover looks great!
Oh wow, the standard is going to be great, I can tell just from those few previews! :D

Paul Thompson said...


Daniel said...

Who is this Lindsay Roberts? I want to work with him/her on something - that looks amazing!

thismeanswaugh said...

Lindsay would be a new member of the group, but hasn't been to any of the meetings yet cos she's on an extended trip to Indonesia. We had room for her in there, so I popped the strip in.

With Dennis JR in there as well, Art..And That is kind of a ghosts of PJCC past, present and future!

Daniel said...

That's fine with me - I just really liked her art!