Thursday, April 19, 2018

Weird Romance ...And That! Plus: Baltic! Maker Faire!

Paper Jam is go for 2018!

Our new anthology is here! Yes, taking on the themes of both 'weirdness' and 'romance' (and, let's be honest, romance is often pretty weird, right?) in one 40-page beast of an anthology, it's WEIRD ROMANCE ...AND THAT

Featuring comics from...
Anton Brand,  K. Ben Clarke, Callum Costello & Beth Chrisp, Brittany Coxon, Jennifer Coxon, Mike Duckett, Adam Fallows, Dan Fitzgerald, Steve Flanagan, Michael Gonson, Brett Halliwell, Pauline Holland, Noah McKenzie, Eltje Müller-Stewart, Oscillating Brow, Terry Wiley.

Where can you get this beauty? Well, our webshop and at Travelling Man at some point soon, but we'll be launching it at two events:

ONE! The Baltic Self-Publishing Artists' Market

This Saturday, at the Baltic, a whole load of excellent artists, free.

TWO! The Maker Faire

Saturday and Sunday 28th & 29th April, at Life Science Centre, a whole load of excellent scientists and makers-of-things of all kinds. Always full of mind-blowing technological fun.

And this year, Paper Jam is going high-tech! Paul Thompson (artist, long-standing paperjammer, general awesome dude) has constructed... A PRINTER MADE OF LEGO THAT WILL PRINT A RANDOM PAGE LAYOUT OF COMIC PANELS:

See yous then.