Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Maker Faire, Making and that.

We're going to the Maker Faire!
We'll be making mini comics and giant comics and probably some monsters too because monsters are fun.

This is a grand excuse for another anthology, working title: Making and that.

If you've been to one of our meetings then you should draw a comic for it. The theme is making things. This can be instructional, fictional, daft, about your making a thing, how to make a thing, about your failure to make a thing, etc... as wide an interpretation as our usual anthologies.

One rule: no "How to make the comics" - or else everyone would do that. Your comic can be about your own personal trials and journey while making comics, it can be about how to draw something specific, it can be about making muffins using comics making principles. A comic entirely about making comics will get a bit repetitive.

Two rule: let's make this anthology all ages.

The comic will be printed A5 size. Up to two pages per a person, if you collaborate you get to combine page numbers for mighty comics.

Our anthologies are primarily for our members, to be a member come to our meetings.

Deadline is 1st April. Comics can be sent to paperjamcc@gmail.com or handed over to Britt on paper.

We'll be talking about this at our next Paper Jam meeting which is the 10th March, or for a more informal chat you can find folks at the Mile Castle on the 25th Feb.