Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2017: A Year in Things We Did

It has been a year. A good year.

Here are some things that happened. 


We turned 10.

The Paper Jam Comics Collective celebrated 10 years of comics making fun.


And we attended Biblio-Con, we made some great friends there.


We invaded The Exchange in North Shields for their Originals event, a great afternoon of local songwriters.
Oscillating Brow took PJCC on the road, all the way up to Dunfermline Comic Con.

We launched our first full colour comic, Amazing Adventure Comics Machine ... and that. A comic aimed at younger folks. 

The comic was launched at the one and only Canny Comic Con. 


Maker Faire. We love the Maker Faire. 
We made some great mini comics, then announced our new anthology.


On the road again, to Scribblecon. This time thanks to Mike D.
More things took place at The Exchange in North Shields.


Wonderlands! A great day with amazing comics creators and best of all, just one city over.
We also started to see the first pages for our next anthology. Bad Decisions... and that. This one's by Mike D.


Paper Jam celebrated Small Press Day 2017 in good company at Pocket Geek, a funky little convention in Gateshead.


What happened in August? The deadline for Bad Decisions was reached and we got to behind the scenes work to print it. And we got a lovely review in Broken Frontier for Amazing Adventure Comics Machine.


Much fun was had.


By now you've noticed that we should have been talking about these things all year round. We're not the best at keeping our blog updated. If you want the most up to date happenings you should probably follow us on Twitter.

Anyway, back to October. 

We tackled the hard stuff, drawing hands and feet. Feet are harder.
And we launched Bad Decisions ... and that.

Specifically, we launched it at our second appearance at Tyne Bank Brewery's market.

And we got another review! This one from a younger reader.

Plus Steven Flanagan drew us while at the Tyne Bank.


We held our first full meeting at Bar Loco, it's a lovely place. And I finally got round to putting our new anthology on the web shop. 

And we got a new folder.


We uploaded some cracking 24 minute comics and jam comics to our jams blog.

And we schemed and plotted the next anthology. We're not 100% sure what it's all about yet but it appears to have a romance theme.

So that was it. That was 2017. PJCC has accomplished many things. Surviving its 11th year and now into its 12th. What adventures will 2018 hold?

Well, our first adventure is the first meeting of the year, 11th January. In Bar Loco from 7ish. Top floor.