The PJCC Rules (such as they are)

Who can be part of PJCC?
Anyone aged 18 or over who is interested in maybe doing comics.

But, like, who decides stuff?
Active members - regular Paperjammers! People who attend/contribute regularly.

How does someone become an active member?
Do stuff! How much stuff? Seven things (within about a year). Things include:
• attending a meeting
• contributing to an anthology
• helping collating an anthology
• helping at an event / selling PJCC anthologies

Attendance and other contributions will be noted on official registers that will be put in the official PJCC Box Of Junk for reference.

Once someone has become an active member, they can maintain that status by doing four things per year.

Perks of being an active member include, primarily: general responsibility for keeping PJCC awesome, getting a link on the main PJCC blog, and some kind of swishy membership card defaced by other Paper Jammers. (Plus, if/when required: having authorisation for posting to the blogs, and suchlike.)

Is that not a bit… cliquey?
No, seriously, if you’re a new or occasional member, you’re still very much a part of PJCC – we just need an official way of deciding who decides stuff (for those infrequent occasions where something needs deciding).

Anything else?
Golden rule: be civil, be nice. If clarification is needed on what civil or nice means, you might not fit in here. Please do not act like a jerk, otherwise other active members would have to assess the jerkery and ask you to stop or even leave.

That’s all… oh, yeah: do some drawing and talk about comics!