Monday, May 25, 2009

Star and Shadow Map

During the promotion of this launch event I've had this question posed to me a lot: "So where's this going on then?" and replied with this: "The fabulous Star and Shadow Cinema, of course!" to which I've had the reply: "Oh yeah, where's that then?" So to remedy this problem here is a map for your convenience:

And for the urban explorer, here's a little step by step on how to get there without a car:
1) Get the Metro to Manors Station
2) When you get out the station take a right
3) You'll pass a pub, a mattress shop, some houses and church among other things. The Star and Shadow is right before you hit Byker Bridge, oppostie the Tanners pub. It's about 5 minutes walk from Manors Station.

Or for music fans... you know where The Cluny is? It's at the top of that steep bank that The Cluny is at the bottom of. So there you are, you can't go wrong.

Happy exploring.

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