Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maker Faire

Today myself, Gary, Andy and Alex all manned a stall at the Centre for Life's Maker Fair. The event was organized by the centre itself and Craft magazine, and there were some unbelievable things going on - mechanical horses, engined powered skate-boards, an 8ft walking, talking, singing robot and a tweet-powered bubble machine to name a few. In amongst that there were a few humble stalls such as ours, where we had tons of pens, paper and arty materials ready for the general public to come and make comics. Coinciding with this we chewed everyone's ear off about this lovely collective, and had the following documents on the table:

This was a double-sided A4 sheet folded in half to make a 'booklet' -feel free to print one off!

These were our comic templates for people to fill in the blanks (the one on the top right is the fine work of Andy Waugh), and of course we had plain paper for the more adventurous types. We'll be back there tomorrow, and I intend to take photos of the stall and scan in a few of the strips people drew and contributed to our "gallery" for your enjoyment, so watch out for post number two!

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lozzaaa said...

I was there. It was rather good :)