Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Robots Launch

Might I be the first to suggest a roaring round of applause to all people involved with the Robots... and that launch party last Friday, which was an unfathomable success. We got tons of people down, all of which seemed to have a ruddy good time. The antho was (and IS!) awesome, bands and films were awesome and the cakes were yummy. We'll soon be posting our first ever anthology as a free downloadable PDF from this 'ere site, and we'll also be re-printing the others long passed and setting up little PayPal buttons so people from the far reaches of planet earth can check out our back catalogue. Watch this space!

In other news PJCC member and Squares frontman Daniel Clifford just scored himself a feature on the Shields Gazette website and bigged us up like a true gentleman. You'll also see pictures of the man himself in a fashionable spangly space suit if you check out the new photo slideshow I've posted as a testament to our grand accomplishments... just over there >>>
(photographs by Yvette Bessels and Andy Waugh)

That's all for news, but while I'm here dear reader, why not come down to one of our Comics Evenings and get involved with all of this malarky? They're every two weeks on Thursday nights at the Travelling Man comic shop (on Grainger Street in Newcastle), and begin at 6:30pm. You must be 18 or over, but it's free and there are cakes... Our next event is tomorrow (Thusday 4th June), meaning the next one after that will be Thursday 18th, and so on etc.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

if you putting pdfs on line may i recommend to you, its quite the jazz lil site to use, also can be useful for promotion purposes.

CJ said...

Really enjoyed 'Robots', a collective pat on the back for all involved. The format is a big improvement on last time. Onwards and upwards!