Monday, April 25, 2016

Maker Faire 2016

Way back in the past Paper Jam Comics collective attended the first Maker Faire at the Centre for Life. Many years, and comics, later we returned to make some comics, have some fun and launch our new anthology, Making... and that.

Over the weekend we made a lot of mini comics with the wonderful visitors to the Maker Faire. We managed to keep a few to scan in and share with the internet (soon) but most were just so good the makers of these comics had to take them home. Hopefully there are hundreds of mini comics going through photocopiers this week ready to be shared with friends and family. 


Along with the mini comics there was the GIANT COMIC. A collaborative jam comic that sometimes went a bit odd but does end cheerfully. 


Favourite themes of the weekend included pigs, cheese, cats, robots and hats. We also took the opportunity to stick some speech bubbles about the place. 

Thanks Maker Faire! We had an awesome time. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ready to Launch

Our shiny new anthology, Making ... and that, arrived on Monday. It's got comics by Al Summerscales, Oscillating Brow, Britt Coxon, Brett Halliwell, Michael Duckett, Jamie Wilkinson, Cuttlefish, Paul Thompson, Sigmund Reimann, Anton Brand and Terry Wiley. It's proper exciting, we have photographic proof.


This anthology will be available for the very first time at the Maker Faire this weekend at the Centre for Life. The Maker Faire is a celebration of makers who make things, to get into the spirit of things we thought we'd have a go of making our own display for the comics.

It might need a little tidying up but it looks smart with the comics in it. Cardboard speech bubbles next.

So, where can you find us at the Maker Faire? We're in zone D, which is up the stairs, overlooking the Life Cafe. Come and learn how to make a mini comic and add to our giant Maker Comic!

The Maker Faire runs from 10-6 on Saturday the 23rd and 10-5 Sunday the 24th April in the Centre for Life, it's always full of amazing, fun and interesting things. Highly recommended by the Paper Jam Comics Collective.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Maker Faire, Making and that.

We're going to the Maker Faire!
We'll be making mini comics and giant comics and probably some monsters too because monsters are fun.

This is a grand excuse for another anthology, working title: Making and that.

If you've been to one of our meetings then you should draw a comic for it. The theme is making things. This can be instructional, fictional, daft, about your making a thing, how to make a thing, about your failure to make a thing, etc... as wide an interpretation as our usual anthologies.

One rule: no "How to make the comics" - or else everyone would do that. Your comic can be about your own personal trials and journey while making comics, it can be about how to draw something specific, it can be about making muffins using comics making principles. A comic entirely about making comics will get a bit repetitive.

Two rule: let's make this anthology all ages.

The comic will be printed A5 size. Up to two pages per a person, if you collaborate you get to combine page numbers for mighty comics.

Our anthologies are primarily for our members, to be a member come to our meetings.

Deadline is 1st April. Comics can be sent to or handed over to Britt on paper.

We'll be talking about this at our next Paper Jam meeting which is the 10th March, or for a more informal chat you can find folks at the Mile Castle on the 25th Feb.