Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friendship Festival Redux

The PJCC were at the International Friendship Festival in Washington last weekend: Britt, Paul, Martin, Gary, Oscillating Brow, Stacey and Christian Kerr were all out and about.

This is a really great event, and we were in a tent with a combination of book sellers and craftspeople selling fantastic cakes, dolls and the like. Thanks to Leonie O'Moore for helping us get organized, and thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and checked out our comics.

A fair few comics were sold, and were really pleased that Space Monkey went down well as it was conceived at the same event last year, when we discovered that we had embarrassingly little of interest to kids.

We also made some new friends: Made in Newcastle and the Newcastle Crafts Mafia - more on these fantastic people shortly!

Here are some pictures of ourselves and our table, as is customary, and also kites on a sunny day, which is less common:

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