Friday, April 2, 2010

Next Anthology : History ... and that

Our next anthology is 'History... And That'.

We intend to detail (in chronological order) the most noteable moments in history, from the Big Bang to the End Of The World (which is in a couple of years if you believe the Mayans). You can choose any time period you like, whether that be Ancient Greece, or the lesson you once had on Ancient Greece at school. Be as frivolous with the facts as you like - this isn't a textbook. Your task is to (as Jack has previously noted) take the theme and milk its deliciously open-ended teets like a true time-travelling farmer!

Just let us know (in the comments or by email) which period of history you'll be going for, as we'd like to avoid too much duplication.

The deadline for submissions is 6:30 on Thursday 6th May, bring your work to our regular meeting in Travelling Man Newcastle on Grainger street, drop it off in the shop before then or email it to:

This one will be A4 and black and white, and the usual rules apply - two pages per person (so a writer/artist team could have 4 pages in total). Leave a minimum of a 1cm border to allow for possible cropping when we get this to print.
Have fun!


Daniel said...

I'm doing 17h Century Newcastle.

Paper Jam Comics Collective said...
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Paul Thompson said...

I'm either doing something about Alan Turing, or something about Pirates with Ben Clark.

Paul Thompson said...

Confirmed - the 4 page pirate story IS ON:

Andy said...

I'm doing one about Scott of the Antarctic and another one, maybe about another explorer, or possibly about the creation of the Periodic Table Of Elements. Ah yes - it's excitement all the way with my entries.

Amari said...

Is anyone allowed to join in?
If so, Myself (writer) and Daren Cosgrove (artist) are interested in doing a 4 page part about The Bubonic Plauge.