Friday, March 5, 2010

A Message from P.J.C.C.

Okay, everyone sitting at home wondering how they can get involved in the creativity, here are some important dates for your calendar:

Thursday 11th March 6:30pm onwards at Travelling Man

A Comics Evening there will be, but we're also asking everyone to have a go at sketching out a logo for the collective which should read "Paper Jam Comics Collective" and a logo to use on the front of all of our anthologies which should read "...and that" (drawing skills not required!) We've been in need of both of these for a long time, so it's time to get one sorted and start getting some propaganda on the go!

Thursday 25th March 6:30pm onwards at Travelling Man
Again, a Comics Evening shall be in progress, but this will also be mini-deadline number one for our music themed anthology. If you want to submit a strip, please approach an unsigned band (local or otherwise) and ask if you can use one of their songs as a template/stimulus/inspiration/theme for your comic and if they would be willing to submit the track to a mix CD that we would attach to the comic. As well this, could you also ask if they would be willing to play a short set at an event in the summer for its launch, which isn't necessary but would be awesome. There are a few fiddly bits that they need to know, which shouldn't really be of any concern, but just to avoid any problems, please include this (or your own version of) when asking bands:

"The Paper Jam Comics Collective is a non-profit creative community, so all money made from the anthology and launch event will be put into our next project. For that reason, we can't offer bands any money for the use of their music, or for their live performances. However, the collective will cover the cost of equipment hire and of course the cost of printing the comic and burning the CDs. We're hoping this will be a mutually-beneficial endeavour, and it will generate a lot of exposure for the bands involved as well as the comic book artists. Please verify that you understand and agree with these terms so that everyone is on the same page."

If everyone could have a band on board by this meeting that would be awesome, and don't forget that there are bands within the collective (who probably won't be approaching themselves!), if you're struggling to think of anyone. If you feel like you want to get involved but finding a band is too much hassle, I'll find one for you! One you'll like as well!

The first deadline for our NEW ANTHOLOGY will be announced at this meeting too, here are some details on that:

History... and that
This anthology does exactly what it says on the tin. The theme is history. Any point of it you choose, whether that be Ancient Greece, or the lesson you once had on Ancient Greece at school. Your task is to take that theme and milk its deliciously open-ended teets like a true time-travelling farmer! Y'hear?! The launch event will be awesome, and there's already been talk (amongst me and myself) of a history-themed fancy dress competition. Watch this space!

For the purpose of press releases and for mini-featurettes that we hope to post weekly on the blog, please could anyone willing submit a short biography about yourself, your accomplishments, the things you've had published, self-published or reviewed. The most important nuggets about who you are and why you come down to our meetings, are on the mailing list and/or read this blog basically! Send them through anytime to but please don't exceed 500 words, and if possible try to make it more like 200-300! Talk about blowing your own horn...geez.

And that will be all for now,


Daniel said...

I've came up with three ideas for the logo. I suggest that their should be a link between the group's logo and the one for '...and that' so that we develop a brand identity.

Daniel said...

Can we please have Lily, Britt and Martin added to the list of PJCC people with blogs please?