Friday, October 30, 2009


The Paper Jam Comic Collective are back with another anthology!

The untitled kids-themed anthology mentioned back in September now has a name (Space Monkey, or to give its proper title Space Monkey, featuring: Squids, Bicycles, Cowboys, Skeletons, Bogeys, Dinosaurs, UFOs, Galleons, Loners, Emos, Aliens, Accidents, Bulls, Electricians, Pizza Pirates, Missing Heads, Secret Codes, Astronauts, Cheese, Massive Plants, Toilets, Tortoises and Bob...And That) and a form, being that it looks like what you see up above. The cover image is by Dan Gilmore and the whole thing was painstakingly put together and shaped into loveliness by Paul Thompson.

It works both as a fantastic kids comic (with all the laughs and excitement of our usual work but with none of the rude words) and further proof that Newcastle is a hotbed of comics talent. It is truly the nicest-looking anthology we've put out to date.

Space Monkey is available now from Travelling Man Newcastle and shortly via the site for the modest price of £3. We're in the midst of trying to get an online shop set up, but in the meantime if you want a copy and you don't live nearby drop us an e-mail and we will sort it out.

Check back here for details of an official launch...

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