Friday, April 3, 2009

Antho Submissions

So far we've had FOUR submissions for Robots... And That, courtesy of Kwan Li, Regan Von Doom & Gavin Wins! (of The Stillwells), Martin Newman and Dennis Reinmueller (who produced the marvelous strip below). It's good to see new contributors, and it sounds like there are some amazing works in progress, so keep on truckin'.


Daniel said...

That art is amazing!

Michael Duckett said...

Fantastic, I must get something much rubbisher done!

Is there a plan for the venue of the launch night, yet? I have a bit of time today & tomorrow to help if needed.

Also the 'DIY Aye!' event at the star and shadow is possibly the same time (15-16 May?), with some crafty-creative crossover (but more political ranting too). So give me a buzz if anyone wants to link the two in some way.