Monday, December 14, 2009

Tumble and Fall Takeover

The collective is spreading its wings and taking up residency on Dennis J Reinmuller's sublime Tumble and Fall webcomic. Dennis has had to put his work on hiatus while he gets to grips with academia, so rather than shut the site down altogether, he's handed the baton on to other artists.

We've had a month of the wonderful Katie Sekelsky's interpretation of T & F, now it's our turn. Rather than ape what's come before, we've twisted the brief somewhat and combined it with our 24-minute comics, taking the "Tumble and..." part from Dennis and selecting the final word at random. Thanks to Gary Bainbridge for taking the reigns on this project on behalf of the group.

To kick off the festivities, here is Andy Waugh's ultraviolent effort. Enjoy!

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