Friday, June 26, 2009

Small Press Big Mouth + Calendar

So you all know who Stacey Whittle is, right? She's the local writer and small press appreciator who has an impressive number of writing gigs and geeky affiliates under her belt, and is an asset to our own humble collective. Not only does she HAND BAKE cakes every time we have a launch party, but also collects the anthologies and the work of our individual members. This means she's either A) A really swell person, B) Genuinely impressed with the local small press scene or C) both of the above. And let me tell ya, if you want to go home with the car, the home media station and the fabulous assistant I'd get those fingers on the buzzers for C. Anyway, my excuse for this plug is because she gave the Robots anthology a mention on her brand-spanking-new podcast Small Press Big Mouth, go there and have a listen, it's jolly good fun.

Next on the agenda is to post a wee calendar so people know when we're meeting. All Comics Evenings are free and happen at 6:30pm on alternate Thursday nights at the Travelling Man comic shop on Grainger Street in Newcastle. You need to be 18+ to attend and you don't need to be a massive comic fan either. It's very rare that any of that isn't the case, but if it isn't I'll be sure to let you know. Anyway, the events this coming month are:

Thursday 2nd July, Travelling Man @ 6:30pm
Thursday 16th July, Travelling Man @ 6:30pm

Thursday 30th July, Travelling Man @ 6:30pm

Hopefully see you all there!

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