Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Enter... Stranger.

Grettings all.

This should hopefully be the hub of the bi-weekly Comics Evening hosted at Newcastle's Travelling Man store. From it's beginnings 2+ years ago we've created 4 anthology comics, drawn God knows how many 24 minute comics, discussed all that's right and wrong with comics these days, and consumed more Amaretto and discounted Greggs sticky buns than is strictly recommended.

We've released the past two anthology comics at popular gigs also under the '...And That' banner where like-minded people have gathered to listen to music, eat cakes and do comics too. So this blog hopes to document these and any other kind of activities the gang get up to.

Yeah, this is neatly summarised over in the introduction but... you need a first post, yeah?

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CJ said...

I look forward to the day Paper Jam is bigger than Strawberry Jam, no annoying seeds is a positive start.